Sale of Property

Kleinkranz Aerial View

Rhita’s Eden is situated between the Wilderness and Sedgefield on the Garden Route and as a result is in close proximity to all amenities such as shops, restaurants, doctors, pharmacies, supermarkets, petrol stations etc.

This prime seafront property is available for sale, for further details refer to the Sale of Property. Other beach properties for sale on the garden route and in the area do not boast the views and access to the beach as that of Rhita’s Eden.

The land measures 40 hectares and is approximately 1200 meters by 350 meters. It is adjoined by the N2 highway on the Northern border and the sea on the Southern side. It has a gradual slope toward the ocean side thereby ensuring spectacular views through the property.

Access to the beach front is from the southerly side which leads to a secluded beach area which is seldom visited by fisherman and beach combers.

4X4 track 1

Exquisite Fynbos grows abundantly. There is prolific birdlife, and several species of buck roam freely in the area. The natural bush invites owners to explore it on day hikes, by horse or on foot.


There are many activities in the area including birding, whale and dolphin watching, paragliding, fishing, horse riding, nature and beach trails to name a few.

The property boasts a popular 4X4 track and is a launching pad for paragliders to take off from. Paragliders from all around the world travel to the area to fly the world famous “Paradise Ridge”, which they launch from the property.
Should you wish to make a bona-fida offer to purchase prior to the start of the auction, please download a copy of our offer document and send it to or fax +27865563483 for consideration.

All offers must be made in South Africa rands no other currency will be accepted for bidding unless prior arrangement is made.


The property is: ERF NUMBER: 1288 Wilderness Township



The Sellers have carried out in depth research in order to establish a fair market value of the property and have determined that the fair and reasonable market value of the property is R25 – R30million.

The seller will only entertain offers made in writing and must be made in South Africa rands.