Paraglide Paradise RidgeParadise Ridge is a beautiful ridge overlooking the sea and a popular spot for paragliders. Michael from Luftikus, a German Paragliding School first saw the potential for a great paragliding site in 2006. Since then international pilots and local pilots frequently make use of the site either for training, tandems or for the qualified pilots some hours of fun and ridge soaring. The number of groups of international paragliders that visit the site grows each year as the site becomes more popular. The site works in any southerly wind direction with a western or easterly wind component due to its brilliant anabatic phenomenon. In summer the site proves to be consistent from about 10h00 in the mornings onwards. Top landings is basic, alternatively the stretch of beach also offers a safe landing spot with a pathway leading up to the launch site. Visiting pilots, please take care when the south western increases in wind speed, not to be caught halfway down the ridge endangering yourself to get blown over the back into rotor area.

Paradise Ridge Paragliding

Look out for the signs on the ocean, wind lines formed in your direction followed by a rapid buildup of white caps is usually a sign to fly out and get into a lower wind gradient area. Darkish clouds above is also a sign complementing above. Other than that, the site offers easy soaring with loads of altitude to play with. Jacques, the owner, invests a lot towards upgrading the site and maintaining it for all paragliders, therefore a R50 daily fee is charged. This includes a recovery from Kleinkrantz if needed.


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ALTITUDE : 100m, airspace 465m.
DESCRIPTION : Soaring heaven. 12km of virgin vegetation draped over a continuously perfect ridge, with the sparkling sea at your feet.
LAUNCH : Private Launch Ramp, can launch in Southely and Northerly winds
LANDING : Land at launching site.
PERMISSION : Contact Jacques for Permission.